The People Behind the Brand

Greek owners, born and raised in Athens, are linked by their sincere interest in safeguarding local regional culinary traditions, their enthusiastic approach to individual local farmers and their quest for top quality standards, innovation and taste. Their love of travel has inspired this new venture, described as a gastronomical journey throughout Greece, from its northern frontiers to its continent, peninsulas and islands.

Dimitris Skarmoutsos

Executive Chef

D. Skarmoutsos, born in Athens, studied Economics at UCLA and later at the Culinary Institute of America. His first professional experience was in the Napa Valley, next to the American chef Thomas Keller in 1993. After 1996 he worked in big hotel chains such as Sheraton in the USA. In 2005 he became chef in a Cretan restaurant in Athens (Alatsi), which was awarded a Golden Cap (Chrysos Skoufos) and Gourmet Awards. Since then Skarmoutsos has cooperated with numerous upscale restaurants in Greece and abroad, always focusing on his passion for Greek traditional cuisine. In 2015 he became famous after participating in the Greek TV show Master Chef for 3 years. Today he presents the television series Blind Taste, along with the brand new Master Chef series 2017.
The Athenian House in Santorini is his first gourmet restaurant.

Panos Zouboulis


Panos Zouboulis was born in Athens. One of the first oenologists of his generation, Panos studied food technology in Athens and then pursued his studies in oenology at the University of Bordeaux, while he later worked at several châteaux in France. With a thirty-year experience and presence in the field of wine and counseling wines in Greece and abroad, Panos is a specialist in organic and biodynamic cultivation of vines and olives. His true passion lies in rare and unique vines in the world, which remain unspoiled and intact from the phylloxera catastrophe. A true pioneer and perfectionist, he works today as a Consultant Oenologist in Greece and Argentina, with many of his creations having received major distinctions.

Alexandros Gkikopoulos


Alexandros Gkikopoulos was born in Athens and studied accounting. During his first years of professional life, he worked as an accountant in the morning and a bartender in the evening. At the age of 26 he decided to devote himself to bartending. Since then, he has prepared cocktail lists for numerous hotels and bars around Greece, emphasizing on the quality of first ingredients such as the ice or the fruits used for the drinks. In 2015, the international cocktail guru Gary Regan selected his drink "Supernature" to be included in his famous "101 Best New Cocktails Volume". Today Alexandros represents one of the most talented Greek mixologists, participating in numerous international seminars and awards. Known for his humor, auto-sarcasm and bluntness, he sees himself as a crazy bartender who likes to communicate with people in front of the bar.